She's A Bad Driver

Your wife teaches high school, and was really nervous when the snow came down hard and the roads got bad. She didn't know how she'd make it home, and she panics when driving in bad weather.

Fortunately, Mr. Jackson down the hall volunteered to drive her home, leaving her car in the school parking lot. They made it back to your house safely, and your wife was so grateful she invited Mr. Jackson in for a cup of hot chocolate. Not long after that, she was getting some hot chocolate of her own.

Your kids had after-school jobs, but she didn't know you'd be getting an early release from work. Smart thinking on your part to take this picture of Jackson and your wife when you walked into your bedroom and saw him fucking the shit out of her. It might come in handy one day.

It's understandable that you watched them for awhile, mesmerized at the intense pounding he was giving her pussy. She always said he was "a nice black man,"  but what you saw was a real nigger fucking a white girl as hard as he could. His black ass was moving up and down and really ramming his BBC in her deep.

Her legs were spread open wide, so it wasn't like she was being forced to take his big hard black dick in her pussy. In fact, the noises she made indicated she was enjoying that big nigger dick in her.

You knew he wouldn't be wearing a condom, and he wasn't, even before you heard your wife say "Please cum in me. I want you to cum inside me." You stayed to sneakily watch until Mr. Jackson finally busted in your wife's stretched out cunt, then went to sit in your car until he left.


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